gn0s1s M A N I F E S T O gn0s1s

The Cataclysm meant the end of so many human lives.
We cannot let our response to it mean the end to our humanity.
Every struggle for human rights is fundamentally
a struggle for self-determination

Like water, Love between men, Love between women,
love between humans flows where it will,
all attempts to control it are born of folly and destined to fail.
All of humanity has the right to seek love wherever
love resides and in whatever form it takes

The future of this fragile world we've inherited lies in creating
a sensible, sustainable social order, Eugenics masquerading as
paternal good will, can only finish what the cataclysm started.
Sexual reproduction has no role to play in defining the social order

Families and communities are of our own making and reflect our
values, not those of government. Our lives, bodies and love are
ours to do with as we please, regardless of the effect of those
choices on society or — yes — even the future of the human race.
The means of reproduction are ours and they
are not the business of the government

Are we to take them at their word when the government
assures us it's our patriotic duty to procreate?
“For the good of Our Nation” has been the start of
the battle cry of tyrants throughout history.
Every beginning points the way down the path to the
government’s true interest in the welfare of its fertile citizens

The spirit, the strength and the sanctity of the human
race lies in its dignity and impulse to charity,
Those who worship at the altar of their own power
worship the falsest god of them all
Regard these tenets as the egg from which the truth will be born